People selling your houses (and some Realtors out there advertising)

I know you mean well but…

If you are sharing links to your house from sites like Zillow, Trulia, realtor com and Redfin (unless you ARE a redfin agent).

Stop. It. now.


You are literally giving business away to your competition.

Even if they love your house; They will click to learn more about it on THOSE sites.

Agents are paying thousands of dollars a month to get those precious potential home inquiries.

And you are just handing them right over to a Realtor who could care less about your house.

Don’t you want potential buyers talking to YOUR agent? The one who knows your house best and wants to sell it more than anyone?

Then please stop sharing links to any website that isn’t linked directly to your agent. (Ask your Realtor for a link that HELPS you)

Realtors… Stop giving away business!! If you don’t have a fancy dancy website; there are better ways.

Message me how you can start keeping your own leads.

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