Disclaimer: I’m not a lawyer. Don’t ask me for legal advice. Unless 2 years of Criminal Justice classes counts.
Here is a story you may find interesting…

An agent to remain nameless lists a home. Gives a great listing presentation telling the seller all the amazing things that they will do to get the home sold.

Seller likes what they hear and we have a relationship!

Couple weeks go by and the seller isn’t thrilled with the relationship. The promises made are not being delivered. Easy right, just tear up the agreement and move on?

No no no my friends.

Binding legal agreements are only easy to get out of when BOTH SIDES agree to disagree.

Our nameless agent may feel they are doing all they can to deliver the promises made and has no intention of making all their hard work go down the toilet. They will not break the agreement.

If your the seller; what would you do?? yell and scream and demand? call an attorney for help? throw up your hands and suffer through the relationship?

It can get ugly and CAN be avoided. And I will tell you how…

You just have to remember one phrase:
Get it in writing.

“Get WHAT in writing?” you may say.

Everything. All of it. Everything that was important to you when you were the happy seller on Day 1.

Professional Photos & Video – get it in writing

Open House on such and such a date? – get it in writing

A drone flying overhead taking photos of you on the roof drinking margaritas? – get it in writing

It may sound silly to write all that in there huh?

It’s no joke.

These are there to protect you!

When my fellow Realtors® and I list a home; we bring a standard agreement to sign.

Key word is…Standard.

You, and your personal situation are not standard.

Please… just get it in writing.

Because the minute you start feeling no-so-good about the relationship, your gonna be wishing you wrote that stuff down

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