I’m on the email list for the author Neil Strauss. He sent this list of essential relationship rules (25 actually) and they are great. I recommend the entire list.

But I wanted to share one specifically with you:

“5. Unhealthy relationship mindset: “Do I wanna live with the way this person is doing that thing for the rest of my life?”

Healthy relationship mindset: “Do I love you in this moment, as you are.” If yes, proceed to next moment together.”

It really puts things into perspective.

And, it’s so easy to answer, right?

And guess what… This also works for house hunting as well (not just spouse hunting!)

Does this house suit your needs now? If yes, take the next step.

When we bought our house in Quincy a few years ago; we bought a small 2 bedroom house with (gasp) only 1 bathroom!

Did we look at the house and think “Can I live in THIS house for the rest of my life?”

Not a chance.

We looked at it as something we could love today.

Projecting out to “forever”? That brings you nothing but aggravation and disappointment.

You work with the clay that life gives you… now.

Don’t worry about “for the rest of your life”.

Who knows what changes the future will bring you….


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