Beware, they are out there. Heck, you may be one of them yourself at times. I know I have been. 
A two legged “buyer”.

Don’t trust them! 

Even worse, is a one legged buyer.  

It takes 3 legs to buy a home. 

Those 3 legs go by the names of Ready, Willing and Able.

Let me explain; There’s a million dollar home around the corner from me. Water views, pool, the home looks like something out of Gone With The Wind. 

I love it. I want it. I am WILLING to buy it. 

But I’m not ready to… And I’m certainly not able to. 

I’m a one legged buyer. 

When your selling your home; you need to be dealing with buyers that have all three legs. Missing one and your in trouble. 

Ready and willing buyer – won’t get qualified for a mortgage. 

Ready and able buyer – is gonna low ball you and only pay less than what he home is worth. 

Willing and able buyer – has a house to sell or waiting on a tax return.

And this goes for sellers too.

An overpriced listing is not willing to sell.  

A short sale listing is not able to sell.

Having a professional Realtor┬« assisting you though out the process (whether selling or buying) can guide you past the 2 legged customers and get you where you want to go, smoothly. 

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