Silly right?  Maybe not as much as you would think…

A recent survey asked millennial home buyers the reasons for purchasing a home.  And the results might surprise you…

“Better space/yard for a dog” beat out marriage AND birth of a child as reasons they bought a home!

And… if they were first time home buyers, the odds are even higher.

“Among millennials who have never purchased a home, 42 percent say that their dog – or the desire to have one – is a key factor in their desire to buy a home in the future”

42%… So almost HALF of the first time millennial buyers are looking for a place to accommodate a dog.

In my experience; these results are not shocking.  The rental market is EXTREMELY stacked if you are a dog-owning renter.  Most of the places are no dogs, or your paying extra just for your 4 legged friend.

And getting rid of your dog is NOT an option.

So what’s a dog-loving renter to do??

(How can you say no to this face?)

Well, if you want to gain more space, build equity and have a payment about the same as a rental; the choice is easy!

Fortunately for first time home buyers; the late fall is best time to buy a first time home.

Message me if you want to learn why waiting until next year is bad for your wallet!

Do it for your dog… not your spouse or kids 🙂

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